The Décentrale is a property on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland with an old art-nouveau villa. It serves as hub for the St-Imier Transformation Movement which organizes the St-imier Gatherings, taking place here each summer. These gatherings include workshops and seminars on Fair Ecosystems and focus on Permacircular Economy, Social Permaculture, Ethics and Anarchy, Glocal Governance, Environment and Citizen Journalism.

For a schedule of other workshops around the year join the telegram info channel of the Décentrale or have a look at our agenda.

People participating in the St-imier Gatherings and participating on workshops, can sleep over at the Décentrale. The Décentrale has two dormitories, during the summer there is a yurt you can sleep in and the surrounding park offers also additional shelter for campers and tents.

The venue is located a two minutes walk from public transportation:

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